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Healthcare Reform in America

Confused about Healthcare Reform? Many of us are worried and maybe intimidated by all the talk of revamping our healthcare system. There is so much information available and a lot of it is overwhelming. However, it is important we are informed and educated on such an important matter . . . Read the article

Healthy Eating and Fitness

Want help in living a healthier life? Healthy eating and regular exercise are both important components in making this happen. Read more about this

Welcome to The Floyd Group

The Floyd Group has been in business for over 35 years. Our company specializes in finding quality healthcare for businesses and individuals. Because we are an independent insurance agency, we are able to shop the insurance market, enabling us to find the right carrier for you. We understand while you need a health plan that is reliable, it also needs to be affordable. Let us help you in designing an economical and sound insurance plan.

We pride ourselves in offering quality customer service to our clients. We hope you will take the time to go to our Customer Service page and read about services we provide to our clients. Our philosophy of customer service is that of being good listeners, working diligently to help solve a problem, and to make sure the customer feels like they have a partner who cares about them and their needs. Let The Floyd Group be your partner!